✨SHINE Brightly✨ Library of Well-Being Content

The ✨SHINE Brightly✨ Library of Well-Being Content is a membership which offers families the opportunity to access a whole toolbox of skills that will support their well-being now and in the future.

With a range pre-recorded content available to be watched and listened to as often as you like, this is the only way to receive this level of support from me at the most affordable rate.

Families who join get access to:

❤️Yoga Movement 🧡Good Morning Guided Meditations 💛Evening Guided Meditations 💚Breathing Exercises 💙Reiki Infused Recordings 💜Conversation Starters and Journalling Prompts 🤍Tapping... and much more!

Using headphones to access the video materials can be useful for minimising distractions

The cumulative effect of regular practice is proven by research so setting aside 5-20 mins per day is an ideal way to get the most from the content in the hub

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