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✨SHINE Brightly✨ Library of Well-Being Content

The ✨SHINE Brightly✨ Library of Well-Being Content is a low cost membership which offers families opportunity to access a whole toolbox of skills that will support their well-being now and in the future.

✨SHINE Brightly✨ Well-Being School Resources

The place where school staff can access the videos associated with the 90 minute training and corresponding activity booklet

✨SHINE Brightly✨ Family Well-Being Course

This programme is designed as a self paced well-being course for all the family.

Upon sign up you will receive the PDF course companion via email and gain access to all the video resources.

The SHINE Brightly Methos is a paired approach to well-being comprised of:

1. support to create an environment which prioritises well-being through a focus on kindness, compassion and responsiveness to needs

2. embedding a toolbox of well-being practices that can be used as both preventative and responsive measures to stress and challenges by the whole family

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